The beliefs we value most and wish to promote are:


We respect ourselves, each other and our environment.
•    Ourselves: We are always growing in confidence and we are prepared to give things a go. We care for ourselves by keeping healthy, happy and active. We learn from our mistakes and we try to make the best choices. We like who we are and we set goals to help us learn and improve.
•    Others: We care for each other, treat others as we would like to be treated, we are courteous and we use good manners. We know how to have fun and how to enjoy life. We express genuine happiness for the success and achievement of others and we celebrate the differences in each other.
•    Environment: We appreciate our community and country. We clean up after us and do all we can to make sure our environment is safe, clean and sustainable.
Responsibility (Self discipline)- We are responsible for what we think, feel and do. We understand that to be successful we need to continually be able to handle conflicts, overcome difficulties and ‘bounce back’ from setbacks. We all have ownership of our class and school rules and it is up to us to make the most of our opportunities and to do our best.

Honesty (Integrity)-

We tell the truth, we own up, we make amends and we keep our word. We treat everyone fairly.


We are brave enough and strong enough to say what we believe. We respectfully stand up for what we think is right, even if we risk losing friends or being laughed at.


We understand that rewards and success often come as a result of hard work, persistence and determination.  (hard yakka)