Whenuakite kids are thinking kids.

We are curious and imaginative. We enjoy the challenges of solving problems, being creative and coming up with new ideas. We think about how we learn and we reflect on our learning. We value time to play and time to dream.

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important that knowledge."

Using Language, Symbols and Text. (Communication, literacy and numeracy)

Whenuakite kids work hard to master oral language, reading, writing, spelling and numeracy.

We spend lots of time exploring language and mathematics. Being successful at using language will enable us to become effective communicators and users of ICT. Being confident users of mathematics will enable us to successfully make sense of many everyday life skills, challenges and mysteries.

Managing Self (You Can Do It!)

Whenuakite kids respect themselves, others and the environment.

We use our initiative to make the most of our opportunities. We are continually learning to be responsible, persistent, organized, self motivated, resilient and resourceful. We know that being confident is a key to developing that, ‘can do’ attitude.

Relating to Others (Getting Along)

Whenuakite kids value the importance of getting along with others.

We value fairness and friendship. We are responsible for what we think, feel and do. We understand that to successfully get along with others, we need to be willing to share, help, encourage, take turns, co-operate, comfort, empathise, laugh, play and have fun. We also need to continually be able to handle conflicts, overcome difficulties and ‘bounce back’ from setbacks.

Participating and Contributing (Giving and sharing)

Whenuakite kids value their safe and friendly, school family and community.

We are proud of our school and understand that we can all choose to make our world a better place by being involved, giving things a go and by doing our personal best. We have the initiative and strength of character to see what needs to be done and do what is right – even when others let us down. We understand that having a sense of humour is a great help in life and that having an appreciative and thankful outlook for all things, is healthy and respectful. We admire the successes and achievements of others.