Children who cycle to school require their parents’ permission and must be able to do so safely.  Bike helmets must be correctly worn.  Bike stands are available at school.

School Buses

Children need to be happy travelling to and from school.  Please notify the bus controller early if your child experiences problems on the bus.

Children under 10 who live more than 3.2 km from school and children over 10 who live more than 4.8 km from school, are eligible to be transported to the nearest school by bus.  If there is no bus available then they can apply for a transport subsidy.  If numbers warrant then a bus may be provided or the existing system rescheduled to accommodate them.  All such arrangements are made through the bus controller.

The school is serviced by two buses at present, both on contract to the Ministry of Education. The buses serve three routes as follows:-
1)  Cooks Beach
    2)  Boat Harbour Road
    3)  Lees Road, Hahei, Hot Water Beach

Children have permanent seats and bus monitors are responsible for behaviour and organisation.

A bus timetable is enclosed in the enrolment folder with a Bus Contract.

Children other than those eligible as above may use the bus provided there is available space and they have prior permission from the bus controller and the bus contractor.

A bus serving Mercury Bay Area School secondary pupils leaves Whenuakite at 7.35 travelling via Hahei - Cooks Beach and arrives at Ferry Landing at 8.15 where the children  travel by ferry to Whitianga and then are bussed to school. This bus then returns to Whenuakite, picking up children along the way.

Changes to normal traveling patterns need to be known by the office by 9.00am (except in emergencies).  Children should notify bus monitors of changes.  Young children need a note authorising a change of travel plans.

Sometimes bus drivers appreciate being notified if children are not being picked up in the morning – especially if this saves the bus unnecessary travel.

•    Parents must never wait on the opposite side of the road to the bus, to collect children. This is extremely dangerous.