The school policy is that preferably no cell phones come to school but if parents
require children to have their phones with them, the phones are turned off at school, and turned off from the moment a child boards a school bus, till the moment they get off.
( a cell phone is a phone that is able to be used for texts or calls.)

It is very easy for good children to get themselves into big difficulties through the use of
unsupervised cell phones. At times we have had to become involved with helping children and parents to get out of the stressful situations that the children have got themselves into while texting outside school hours.

It seems that once a primary aged pupil gets their own cell phone and has the use of it 24 hours a day with no parental or limited parental supervision, they are faced with temptations that few of them have the maturity to cope with. (the greatest temptation for most is to reply to a text they shouldn’t reply to).

Cell phone use is not going to go away but not everyone needs to learn the hard way that
problems can arise.

We would recommend that if a primary aged child has a cell phone;

•    They only have access to it at certain times during the day. (not night time)
•    Keep cell phones out of children’s bedrooms. When phones come home, put them in a central place just as most people put their keys.
•    They do not delete their sent and received messages (parents do this).
•    They only bring their phone to school with parents’ permission if they really need to for health or safety reasons. We advise handing the phone in to a teacher a 9am and collecting it at 3pm.
•    They immediately tell their parents if they receive an inappropriate or unwanted text.
•    Children allow no other people access to their cell phone.