Regular and full attendance is expected from every child. Absences because of health reasons, family emergencies, bereavement and special appointments, are legitimate absences. Absences for shopping trips, birthdays, haircuts etc are unacceptable. 

The law

Children must attend the school where they are enrolled every day that it is open, unless they are unwell or have legitimate absences.

  • If children don’t attend when they are supposed to their parents can be fined up to $1000.00.
  • The police or a school attendance officer (truancy officer) can stop anyone who looks like they are aged between 6 and 16 and ask them
  1. their name
  2. their address
  3. their school address and
  4. why they are not at school

 There are no times when it is better to take time off school ie Friday afternoons are just as important as Tuesday mornings. Please avoid unnecessary absences on

  • Monday mornings                                                                          
  • The first week of the year                                                                              
  • The first week of any term

These are crucial times for children to become familiar with routines, special announcements, important decisions, goal setting, assessment etc. If families are considering taking ‘special holidays’ during term, we do request that parents consider their legal obligations plus alternatives. Staff and pupils will always wish travellers a great holiday and top value quality family time but school is unable to condone holidays during term. 

Families who decide to take holidays can help the school by:

  • Giving notice in writing as soon as they have informed the children.
  • Please don’t ask if it is alright or if the children will miss anything.
  • If you are planning to be away for more than 20 days – contact the Correspondence School.
  • Be aware of any legal obligations as a parent in NZ.
  • Have a good talk with your children regarding the reason for the holiday, the advantages of the holiday as compared to the disadvantages of missing school, the value of education and the importance of school.

Classrooms and schools are like large teams.  They function best when everybody is present, healthy, agree on the same rules and have common goals.  Classroom management is challenging enough with legitimate absences. 

Unnecessary absences impact on the school directly and indirectly. All children receive about 12 weeks holiday per year.  We want to avoid situations where some children get more holidays than others and an attitude prevails that “holidays during term are OK and condoned.” We do understand that there are times when families need to take special holidays and that they do so for very good reasons.