Parents / Guardians need to obtain an enrolment package available at the school office. 
A birth certificate or passport is required to verify age of 5 year olds and we are also required to record immunisation data for all new entrants.  Please bring immunisation records.  You will be given information about the school and the student will be allocated a class and teacher.

Pre-schoolers - We encourage parents to bring their child along for pre school visits, so they can spend time in the classroom and become familiar and confident about the school. We like new entrants to have 4 pre-school visits before starting school.
Pre-school visits are usually held on Friday mornings from 9am to 11am. It is best if one parent /caregiver can stay with the child for support if required. There will also be time to check with the office and complete enrolment details. Please do not bring pre-schoolers to pre-school visits. Please contact the Room 1 teacher or the office to make necessary arrangements.

Documentation required by the Ministry of Education
All Parents or Guardians of new entrants children need to supply a copy of the child’s/children’s birth certificate and immunisation certificate.  (Immunisation is not compulsory in N.Z. but the Ministry of Education need to know who is immunised and who is not)

The immunisation certificate should be signed by a medical professional so that it is clear what immunisation has been received and what immunisation has not. If a certificate is not available please write a letter stating whether your child is immunised or not.