This is a voluntary donation and is not compulsory. It is not a school fee. Payment is appreciated but children and families are not discriminated against if a donation is not received.

Every year, the school needs to spend more than the Ministry provides.  This is why parents are asked for a school donation.  There is however, still a short fall in spite of the donations received. 
Our donation system is on a sliding scale.  The least donation per child is $40.  The top of the donation scale is $80 per child.  We ask you to give what you can afford.  Those who give $40 are being supported, and those who can give more than this, will be, in effect supporting others.  It seems that the school needs to receive an average of $60 per child.  We hope this system meets that result, without compromising any families.

Please be aware that only the office manager deals with the donation money, neither the BOT nor the teachers will know what anyone has given.  It is your personal decision what you give, and remains private information.

The Treasurer will send a letter to families and receipts are issued.  Donations are tax deductible.

If the donation is a problem please let the office know.  There is no need for embarrassment if families cannot donate.