Netball HuddleAll schools on the Peninsula have their internal sports programmes.

There are also inter-school fixtures between neighbouring schools (usually traditional fixtures)

Coroglen & Whenuakite combine for Cross Country & Athletics.

Peninsula Sports involves schools from across the Peninsula.

1.Swimming (Years 4-8) – Term 1

•Country Sports held at MBAS  (Coroglen, TeRerenga, Whenuakite)

•Peninsula Central Team (MBAS, Te Rerenga, Coroglen, Whenuakite) compete in the Peninsula Swimming Competition.

•Year 7 & 8 qualifiers may enter the Waikato Full primary Swimming Events.


•We usually enter a team in the local ‘ Cricket World Cup’, hosted by MBAS. 

3.Jump Rope Skipping

•A biannual term 2 activity for the whole school lasting about 4 or 5 weeks. 

4.Winter Sports Field DayTerm 2

•Te Rerenga, Coroglen and Whenuakite combine for a 7 aside Winter sports Day.

5.Cross Country-Term 3

•Coroglen and Whenuakite combine for their school Cross country. (whole school)

•One of the Peninsula Schools hosts a Peninsula Cross Country and the Peninsula Central Team is selected for the Thames Valley event. (Year 4-8)

•Year 7 & 8 qualifiers may enter the Waikato Full Primary event.

Pyramid of Kids6.Gymnastics

•Part of annual PE programmes 

7.Athletics –  Term 4  (whole school)

•Coroglen and Whenuakite combine for a standards based athletics day.

•Some Year 4-8 children may represent Peninsula Central at the Thames Valley event.

•Some Year 7 & 8 children may go on to Waikato Full Primary.

Running Races