Whenuakite School is a U3 School with between 120 and 140 pupils, Years 1 to 8.
The school has a staffing entitlement of 7.1 and the decile rating is 8. The community and BOT have worked hard to ensure the school is well resourced and has excellent facilities.

Whenuakite School celebrated its Centenary during Easter 2008.

As a result of sustained upward pressure on the roll the board of trustees has negotiated an enrolment scheme effective from the start of 2009.

Whenuakite is a great place to learn and a wonderful place to work. The community is very supportive and the school has positive relationships with local schools, pre-school facilities and agencies.

The school provides a place where children are challenged, achieve academic excellence and develop respect for themselves and others. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and there is a focus on individual needs, abilities and talents, and developing independence. Children enjoy coming to school, they know their rights and responsibilities, they are challenged and supported in their learning, they are accepted for whom they are and they learn to get on with other people.

Our aim is for children to leave school with an appreciation of the values and skills that will help them to succeed in society.


Whenuakite School is located on S.H. 25, twenty-seven kilometres south of Whitianga, inland from local, well known Coromandel beaches. The school is surrounded by farmland and lifestyle blocks and there is an excellent early childhood learning centre across the road.

90 % of the children are bussed to school from the nearby beach communities of Cooks Beach, Hahei and Hot Water Beach. This region is a fast developing area both in changing land use patterns and growth of tourism and holiday/retirement residential areas.

Between 1995 and 2008, steady growth has provided greater employment opportunities and many people are self employed in a wide range of activities. Growth has slowed since 2009 but the Mercury Bay district remains an area of potential growth and development.

Families are accustomed to travel for business or special services, entertainment etc. but they return from trips away, full of appreciation for the life style and environmental opportunities the area offers.

Most children attend Mercury Bay Area School for their secondary education but there is also a tradition/trend for some children to move away from the area for secondary school.